ITEC2110 Project 3

Note: Do all three parts — Parts 2 and 3 are worth more than Part 1

Part 1 Getting Used to Blender

Start Blender.
Build the following objects:
A blue Cylinder
A red Sphere
Render these two objects in the same view
Post that as Image 1

Part 2 A Little Deeper into Blender

Take the objects from Part 1 and move them out of the camera view so that you can build the next objects

Make two cylinders. Assign a different color to each.
Push one cylinder through the other at 90 degrees.
Make the intersection of the two objects
This will leave one cylinder and the remainder of the other cylinder (inside the original cylinder). Grab the new shape and drag it out.
It should look like a pillow…
Save these objects for later
Render these two objects in the same view
Post that as Image 2

Take these new objects and move them out of the camera view so that you can build the next objects

Create a sphere and a cube, assigning a color to each
Place them together so that the cube is poking out of the sphere.
Create the difference of the sphere and the cube. (You’ll need to perform a boolean subtraction)
Rotate that object so that you can see the void made in the sphere.
Render the resulting object
Post that as Image 3

Move the objects created previously back into the scene. Add a planar background behind them. Assign a color to the plane.
Arrange the light and camera so that the objects cast a shadow on the plane
Render the resulting objects
Post that as Image 4

Part 3 Building an Animation

In this part of the project you will create an animation and render it as a quicktime movie. (You can create an ‘AVI RAW’ video if using a Windows PC.) You will save it at two different video resolutions.

The content is up to you but the parts that I will be grading are:
-It should be 5 seconds in length, or more.
-It should contain at least 5 different objects.
-Four object should be inserted from external sources, such as,, Sintel or Big Buck Bunny (
-One of the objects will be a plane that serves as a background.
-The background must completely occlude the surrounding universe. This means that the camera should only see the plane, not any of the emptiness behind it.
-All objects must have color, texture, or both.
-The background plane must use an imported picture of some sort.
-Three of the objects must be animated.
-One should rotate and translate (or slide) and one should change scale.
-The rotating object must be attached to two other objects that move along with it but do not rotate.
-There should be two light sources.
-One light source must be attached to one of the moving objects.
-The object with the light should move through the scene causing some moving shadows to be cast
-Your name must appear as text in the model somewhere. You can insert 3D text or make it part of an image texture. See the text examples ‘GrizzlyBall’ and ‘Your Name Here’ in OneDrive

-You must DESCRIBE what I am expecting to see happen on this template. Put this description in your wiki page for project 3.
-Use the template below to build your project’s web page.

Project 3 Submission Template