Project 1, Part 1:

This project compares the file sizes of four images : .tiff format, .png format, .jpg format bitmap files and a .svg vector graphic file.
Create the bitmapped (.tiff format) file using textEdit and Grab, both applications that come with a Mac. You can create the png and jpeg versions from the tiff using Preview (also a MacOS application).
Create the vector graphic (.svg format) file by importing the bitmapped tiff image into Inkscape and using the bezier curve tool in Inkscape to trace around the letters. Remember to discard the original bitmap from within the svg file.

File type File size The image Files
.tiff xx,xxx bytes N/A Download (tbd)
.png 40,387 bytes InitialsRL Download
.jpg xx,xxx bytes tbd Download (tbd)
.svg x,xxx bytes tbd * Download (tbd)

Optional part:

File type File size The image Files
.svg 37,644 bytes BLSouthPark.svg * Download
.png 86,180 bytes BLSouthPark.png Download

* Note that sometimes svgs aren’t displayed properly in web pages.

Project 1, Part 2:

This is my animated character. (Replace the image below with your own animated GIF file.)

My Character

This is the animated GIF of my character:
If you option click the image you can download it.

Project 1, Part 3:

GT1.jpgHere is the original image GT2.jpgHere the background is blurred GT3.jpgHere the background is made black and white
GT4.jpgHere the (whatever part you want to look like it moved) looks like it is moving GT5.jpgI’ve added a black border GT6.jpgI’ve added a digital signature