You will be creating a short 3-5 minute video. Consider that thia video will be posted on GGC’s website. You video will educate the viewer about your topic.

A nice example of a video created by students is here. You’ll see that they give a nice contextual background and then tell the story of their experience with uploading captured 3d video to youtube. Another example is here. In this case, we haven’t complied with all of the requirements of this project, however, the main portion illustrates an documentary or tutorial format using some picture-in-picture effects.

For this project you are going to be making a video of about one of the following topics:

Create a documentary/tutorial about using equipment properly in the DM lab (pick one):

  • Stream with Airmedia to the 70″ display
  • Muse Brain Computer Interface (HCI)
  • Leap Motion Controller (HCI)
  • AKG Perception 820 Tube Mic (With supervision)
  • Cascade Ribbon Mic (With supervision)
  • Shure SM-57 (instrument microphone)
  • Matilda, Neumann KU 100 Dummy Head Microphone (With supervision)
  • Sony PCM-M10 (recorder)
  • Panasonic HX-WA03 Video Rec. / Camera
  • Yeti USB Microphone (table mic mostly used for podcasts)
  • Canon Vixia HF R52 Camcorder
  • Green Screen set up 
  • Yamaha MOTIF XF8 keyboard 

Scanning with ReconstructMe and MS Kinect

  • Use Microsoft’s Kinect Fusion to scan a real object
  • Background info here
  • You are to download the software, connect it to the MS Kinect, scan an object and video-document your experience
  • Some prior related examples (with varying results). Note that we’re improving on the past result since the software has been updated and we’ll be using the appropriate MS Kinect device for a PC (rather than the Xbox version).

Planning Your Program of Study at GGC

  • Provide a description of program
  • If you are a junior or senior, you’ll describe to a newer student (freshman / sophomore) how you plan for your junior and senior years.
  • Include details about: accessing a two year course plan, identifying dependencies, what to bring to your mentor meeting, interview with mentor, when/how to apply for graduation, etc.


How to schedule a meeting and send invitations via ggc’s clawmail

  • confirm / modify timezone
  • navigate to web based or desktop app
  • identify date and time
  • invite others, confirm their availability
  • confirm invitation from others
  • you may utilize screen capture software and handheld camera, integrate with picture-in-picture
  • interview a faculty member (me!)

Remember to tell a story. Have Fun… BE CREATIVE!

Individual / Group Work

You may work individually or in teams. The max persons on a team is 3. If you have a team, you’ll have two additional requirements:

  • Your team must produce approximately 1.5 minutes of final product, per member (3 mins for a 2-person team, 4.5 mins for a 3-person team). But, the minimum video length is 3 minutes.
  • You are required to submit a team member rating for each member, including yourself. You must use a budget of 100%. If there were 3 members and each person contributed uniformly, you’d report 33.33% for each. If two members provided the most effort, you might assign 45%/45%/10%. The total budget you have is 100% for the entire team. You will provide the team member rating when you submit your final dropbox submission.


Plan the work, work the plan …

Think about what you plan to do.
You need to write a script or storyboard describing the scenes you are going to film and other artifacts that you’ll incorporate. Write a script — this will make your production go much smoother.

Other prework

You’ll need to do some research for your project.

In your video please provide:

  • a description of your subject

And, at least two of the following items per team member:

  • short interview(s) with related people
  • assets created by you, such as: screen captures, images created with Gimp, Images created with Inkscape, scanned images, videos created with after effects, blender, etc.
  • information about the topic from faculty, the web, etc.
  • Related info from GGC press releases

Be creative, for example: Dylan style signs (, commercial spoofs (Geico’s “How happy was he?”), ‘man on the street’ interviews, “did you know?”, etc.

Graded Items

Remember to check the rubric when you’re submitting ….

These are the points that will be GRADED:
– Good content consistent with instructions
-Correct length (meets minimum length)
-There must be a couple of seconds of a black background with silence in the begining and at the end
-You must insert the General Grizzly Productions logo footage -There must be a title sequence
-The piece must have multiple voice over segments
-There must be at least 4 different scenes and assets that you intergate together
-There must be a transition between the scenes… something like fade-in and fade-out (So there are 3 transitions, minimum)
-There must be at least two still images that are part of the video
-There must be a sound track (music of some sort)
-Sounds must be ducked and balanced correctly
-There must be credits at the end of the piece, before more silence with a black background at the end.
There must be one unique effect added from what you learned in the iMovie 10.0.x training. For example, split screen viewing, a video inset within another or a green screen effect.

-The wiki page for your projects needs to be assembled properly, according to these instructions and must include the items in the provided template



  • cameras available for loan in Library or DM lab (ceheck with the staff)
  • cell phones work!
  • iSight/webcam cameras in classroom and Commons areas Macs
  • MS Kinect
  • Devices in DM LAb
  • Project 2 template
  • you will need to take responsible for loaned equipment and sign an agreement should you pursue a project that requires this


The length of your video (the time it plays) and the size (the height and width you choose) affect the size (the number of bytes) of your video. If your video is bigger than ~50MB it will not load to the wiki and you will have to post it on YouTube (or some other site that accepts video) and put a link to it in place of the download link seen in the template below. Consider posting to OneDrive.

Do not violate anyone’s copyrights or intellectual property!