ITEC2150 Fall 2017

Intermediate Programming

Primary Resources

* You may need to authenticate to OneDrive w/ your GGC creds

Other Details and Resources

Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures 11/e by Y. Daniel Liang
      • Student Resource Website -Contains source code for examples in the book.
      • Companion Website -register with book’s scratch-off code. Contains even-numbered solutions, source code for examples in the book, interactive self-testing, animations, errata, bonus chapters and VideoNotes.

Reviewing ITEC 2120/2140 Skills

Many students have a slow start with this course as they try to recall the topics covered in ITEC 2140 — Intro to Programming

Here’s a list of resources that may help you review and ease the transition:

  • Chapters 1-9 in Liang’s text (obviously)
  • MyProgrammingLab is an online coding environment that provides lots of feedback. The MPL problems for Chapters 1-9 are posted and you can approach in a self study fashion.
  • There’s always codingbat and another site called practiceit — if you’re familiar with those. Similar to MPL with other strengths, in my opinion.
  • There are review/practice questions on Liang’s LiveLab site for each chapter — these might be worth checking out.
  • For the Liang textbook, you can go to the Companion Site and retrieve the solutions for all even-numbered, end of chapter problems. You might want to work some of those.
  • There’s an excellent text titled “Thinking in Java” by Bruce Eckel. Eckel offers the 3rd edition for free (electronic download). I’m not sure another text is really the best solution — but it’s an alternate and an option.
  • Coupled with any of the above, situate yourself for a work session in the AEC or programming group lab (C3 first floor or Digital Media lab, as described under Programming Study Groups, depending on the time). That way, as you work through problems, experts will be nearby to get you unstuck quickly. I’ve seen students use this strategy very effectively.
  • The powerpoints for Chapters 1-9 have been posted in the course’s OneDrive location under Week 1
  • MPL (and the text’s companion website) posts the videonotes for Chapters 1-9
  • Also, remember to post questions on the course’s Help! – I have a question discussion forum, especially if you can’t get to the AEC or Programming Study Groups. Programming is a team sport and together we are stronger!